Piscataquis Valley Fair


Piscataquis Valley Fair Association 1999 Officers

PRESIDENT Steve Saunders 564-3998
VICE PRESIDENT Charles Huff 943-7727
SECRETARY William Richardson 564-8862
ASST. SECTETARY Marion Pomerleau 876-4067
TREASURER Elaine Saunders 564-3998
ASST. TREASURER Scott Taylor 564-7738
SUPT. OF LIVESTOCK Mark Nutter 564-8812
SUPT. HORSE PULLING Stewart Hopkins 277-4281
4-H EVENTS Donna Lamb 564-3301
GROUNDS/HALL RENTAL Scott Taylor 564-7738
DINNING HALL RENTAL Shane Mailloux 564-8198
GRANGE Merna Dunham 943-2353

General Admission

General admission is $5.00 per person, per day. Children 10 and under are FREE. Tickets for rides may be purchased on the fair grounds. There will be a senior Citizens Day on Friday, August 27th, when anyone 65 years of age of older will be admitted for half price ($2.50). Proof of age will be required. The gates will open each day of the fair at 6:00 am.

First Aid

A First Aid Station sponsored by the Mayo Regional Hospital will be open on the Fairgrounds during fair hours.

first aide

Camping on Grounds
For Pre-Registration Contact alan Johnson 564-7738

Please be advised there will be a $15.00 per day charge for camping plus $5.00 per person per day for gate fee. payment will be required prior to set up.

Grounds Rental
Scott Taylor 564-7738

Grounds rental shall be $14.00 per front foot. payment is due before set up. Minimum of 10 feet required.

There will be NO meals served in the Dining Hall during the Fair.

DINING HALL RENTAL fair officaials wish to remind everyone that the Fair-grounds Dining Hall is available for rental during the year. For information, rates and available dates please contace Shane Mailloux 564-8198.

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