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A group of men wishing to start a County Fair met at Sangerville Village on the 9th day of April to agree to the provisions of 2d, an act to incorporate the Piscataquis Agricultural Society. This was sent to the Maine House of Representatives, passed and recorded by the Secretary's office of March 7, 1840.

The first fair was held at Joseph Kelseys in Guilford, 1/2 miles from Guilford and Sangerville on the first Tuesday in October in 1841. The fair in 1842 was held in Sangerville Village on the 4th day of October. There was no record of a fair in 1843. In 1844 the Fair was held in Dover Village. The exhibits were at the Universalistic Meeting House and the Village school house. In 1845 the Fair was held in Sangerville Village. In 1846 the Fair was held in Foxcroft Village on the 7th day of October. From 1847 to 1852 there is no record of any fair.

In 1853 an act to incorporate the Piscataquis County Central Agricultural and Horticultural Society was enacted by the Maine House of Representatives. The first Fair was held on October 5, 1853 in Dover Village. In 1855 the stock exhibition was held on the lot of Mr. Samuel Ricker on High Street. This lot was leased by the Society. The other exhibits were at Morris Hall. In 1866 the Fair was held at the Trotting Park in Foxcroft. It was held here until 1917.

In 1895 there was no Fair that year. Negotiations were in progress to make adjustment of all claims against the Society. In 1896, 1897, and 1898 there is no record of any Fair. In 1899 a Fair was held but there were not many exhibits as no premiums were offered. In 1900 there was no Fair. In 1901 the first Fair of the Piscataquis Agricultural Society was held. From 1918 to 1923 no Fair was held.

In 1921 the society met and sold the Park land to the spool Factory. After paying bills the remaining money was given to the town for a playground at Fairview Avenue. In 1924 the Fair was held at Fairview Athletic Field. In 1926 Col. Mayo paid for a new hall and stock sheds. In 1927 a group applied to the State to rename the Fair "The Piscataquis Valley Fair Association".

From 1932 to 1935 there was no Fair due to economic conditions. In 1936 the American Legion revived the Fair. In 1939 there was no Fair but a horse pulling contest was held before the other fairs started. In 1944 and 1945 there were no exhibits in the halls because they were used to house Jamaicans who were here to pick potatoes. In 1947 $1,000 was spent for a new horse pulling ring. In 1956 a new grand stand was built next to the horse pulling ring.

In 1970 a covered platform was built on the front of hall #2. In 1975 a new horse barn was built. In 1977 the dinning hall was built. In 1978 a new cattle shed was built. In 1980 a garage was moved from Jim Fabions and made into a Tea Room.

In 1981 the scales were purchased from Cole and installed beside the pulling ring. In 1982 the Pratt property was purchased for $10,000 In 1985 the cement bathroom was built and the milking parlor was built and equipment installed. In 1987 a new sheep barn was built. In 1988 the Fair Association hot dog stand was built on the hill by the horse pulling ring.

In 1991 the horse pulling grand stand was torn down. In 1991 metal bleachers were purchased for the horse pulling area. In 1992' a covered show ring was built in the live stock area. In 1992 the camping area was started on the hill above the livestock barns. In 1993 the Kings Arrow Saw Mill buildings were made over into horse barns for the horse pullers. In 1993 a well was drilled beside the hot dog stand-donated by Sam Dunham. In 1993 the maple syrup building was located in the live stock area. In 1994 moved the horse pulling ring to the south side of the hill. In 1994 moved the scales down beside the horse barn. A building was started over them for protection from the weather.

In 1996 the riding horse ring was moved from the location by the front gate to a new area left of the pond and in back of the livestock area. In 1996 a well was drilled in the camping area on the hill-donated by Sam Dunham. A well house was built and a pump installed. In 1996 a building was donated and moved to the top of the hill beside the hot dog stand and made into the treasurer and secretary office-donated by Alice and Bill. In 1996 a garage was purchased from the Rushs and moved down by the horse pulling to be made into a bath room for the use of the horse pullers. In 1996 the VFW building was moved to the livestock area to be used as an ice cream shop.

In 1997 Dining Hall was renovated. In 1997 New building built by Dirigo Horse Club - material donated by Butch Peirce from Kenduskeg. In 1997 the Food Booth, Milking Parlor, Sugar Shack and Trailer Park were expanded. In 1997 Piscataquis Valley Fair Association helped celebrate 75th Anniversary of Dover-Foxcroft. In 1998 they cleaned up Old Planner Mill and replaced baker on the horse barn. In 1998 they also placed 250' culverts in north parking lot and placed 850' of chain link fence & posts in north parking lot. In 1998 built new drag strip for tractor pulls by Demo Pit.

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