Piscataquis Valley Fair

Show Ring Code of Ethics
The Following Are Not Allowed:
  1. Misrepresenting the age of the animal for the class in which it is shown.
  2. Balancing the udder by any abnormal means, including the use of a mechanical contrivance, or the injection of fluid of drugs.
  3. Setting the teats and/or occluding (sealing the ends) with a mechanical contrivance, or with the use of a chemical preparations.
  4. Treating or massaging the udder or its attachments with an irritant or counter-irritant. The use of common products as fly spray, ointment or liniment in excess to the extent that it is irritating is included as an irritant unless required to reduce edema at time of calving.
  5. Treating or massaging any part of the body internally or externally with an irritant, counterirritant, or other substance to temporarily straighten a weak back or loin or to produce unnatural animation.
  6. Minimizing the effects of crampiness; by feeding or injecting drugs, depressants or applying packs or using any artificial contrivance or therapeutic treatment except normal exercise.
  7. Blocking the nerves to the foot to prevent limping by injection drugs.
  8. Striking the animal to cause swelling in a depressed area.
  9. Surgery of any kind performed to change the natural contour of appearance of the animal's body, hide or hair. Not included is the removal of teats and horns, clipping and dressing of hair and trimming of hooves.
  10. Insertion of foreign material under the skin.
  11. Changing the color of hair at any point, spot or area on the animal's body including the blackening of a gray spot.
  12. The use of alcoholic beverages in the feed or administered as a drench.
  13. Administration of a drug of any kind or description internally or externally prior to entering the show ring, except for treating a recognized disease or injury and for tranquilizing bulls two years old and over. For the purpose of these rules, the term "drug" shall mean - any substance, the sale, possession of use of which is controlled by license under federal, state or local laws or regulations and any substance commonly used by the medical or veterinary professions which affect the circulatory, respiratory or central nervous system of a cow.
  14. The use of any drug, stimulant, depressant, or medicine which might affect the natural performance of any team entered is forbidden. The association reserves the right to require any team entered in a drawing match to be subjected to the saliva test or any other test for the purpose of determining thereby the presence of any such drug, stimulant, sedative, depressant or medicine. The test may be taken at such time and for any reason which the Fair Officials, in their sole judgment, consider advisable. The test or tests if required, will be taken by a qualified veterinarian, to be designated by the Fair Officials, and will be examined by a qualified laboratory or technician, also to be designated by the Fair Officials, Should any test taken by virtue of the foregoing regulation result in a positive finding of the presence of any drug, stimulant, depressant, sedative or medicine, the person or person entering the team on which said positive test was taken will forfeit to the Fair all premiums won at the Fair by said team, and will be subject to such other disciplinary action with respect to future competition at our Fair as the Fair Officials may determine.
  15. Criticizing or interfering with the judges or other exhibitors while in the show ring or other conduct detrimental to the breed or show.

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