Piscataquis Valley Fair

4-H Hall Exhibits & Rules & Regulations
Thursday, August 24th - 3:00 pm

1. Entries are open to 4-H members (5 years old as of January 1 but not over 19) in Piscataquis, Somerset, and Penobscot Counties who are carrying on approved 4-H projects.

2. 4-H Project exhibits entires must be from the 1999 - 2000 4-H enrollment year. Exhibits will be judged by the Danish System and will be placed in three groups, BLUE, RED, and WHITE. Each qualifying exhibit will be awarded a ribbon and premium. A limited number of PURPLE Ribbons will be awarded to outstanding exhibits.

3. Each exhibit shall be plainly marked with a 4-H exhibit tag, available from all County Extension Offices. Any extenuating circumstances should be stated on the back of this card. A current 4-H record sheet for the exhibits should be submitted with the exhibits. Younger 4-H members (5 to 8 years old) need to use the new mAINE Beginner 4-H record sheet. 4-H members (9 to 19 years old) need to use the new Maine 4-H record sheet.The Piscataquis County 4-H Leaders' Association will accept the old project Record sheets for exhibiting at the Piscataquis Valley Fair. Old forms will not be accepted after October 1, 2001. If the record sheet or exhibit tag is missing or if the project record sheet shows insufficient project work, the exhibit will receive a green participation ribbon and no premium (money).

4. 4-H volunteers should bring a completed list of exhibits from their group on forms provided by the Extension office. Record sheets will not be written on and will not be placed on display during the fair.

5. **A maximum of Three Exhibits Per Project** will be allowed, i.e. Tomatoes, onions, and beans may be exhibited under the GARDEN project. There is NO limit to the number of projects the 4-H member may enter, but each project must have a project record sheet.

6. All 4-H hall exhibits shall be delivered between 4 PM and 7 PM on Tuesday, August 22th, or 9 AM to 10 AM on Wednesday, August 23rd, to the 4-H Exhibit Hall on the fairgrounds.

7. All 4-H Hall Exhibits shall be removed on Sunday, August 27th between the hours of 4 PM and 6 PM or on Monday, August 28th by contacting the Extension Office.

8. The Piscataquis Valley Fair will afford the best possible care and protection of all exhibits; However, it distinctly disclaims any liability for loss or damage of exhibits or personal property of exhibitors.

9. Should any exhibit be of inferior quality of form and in the opinion of the judges be unworthy of the premium offered, it will be eliminated from the judging.

10. Scrapbooks and written reports must have hard covers and be original and creative.

11. No "KITS" accepted. Definition of a kit the prefabrication, assembly or collection of component parts which materially diminishes the exercise of the skills which the project is designed to teach.

12. Premium schedule: Purple Award: $10.00
Blue Award $3.00
Red Award: $2.00
White Award: $1.00.

13. The management reserves the right to grant variances to the above regulations where extenuating circumstances warrant.


First Place 4-H Club Exhibit
Creativity Today 4-H Club
Bonnilee MacDonald, 4-H Leader
Sangerville, ME


The purpose of the 4-H Club Exhibit is to educate the public about the work and goals of 4-H Clubs.

For more detailed information on 4-H Exhibits contact the Piscataquis County Extension office for a copy of EXHIBIT REQUIREMENTS AND IDEAS. The address is: 59 West Main Street, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426. Phone: 564-3301 or in Maine 1-800-287-1491.

1. Premiums plus ribbons will be awarded:

1st - $35
2nd - $20
3rd - $15
All Others $10.

2. Any 4-H Club is eligible to enter a club exhibit, but must let the Extension Office know by August 20th. Exhibits must be set up by noon Thursday, August 24th.

3. Exhibits need to be from four to five feet across the front and three feet deep. Each club must have a neatly printed 8 1/2 X 11" sign with the club name, town and county on it. Do not attach attach your sign to the exhibit. This sign will be placed on the exhibit after judging.

4. Club exhibits will be judged on the following:

  1. Exhibits Theme: 10 Points Should be timely and express an idea or message.
  2. Exhibit Title 10 Points: Title should be expressed with as few words as possible using an action verb. It should be clearly visible in LARGE LETTERS at least 4 inches tall.
  3. Attracts: 10 Points Encourage people to stop and study the exhibit.
  4. Originality: 10 Points
  5. Explanation of 4-H: 20 Points
    To the public through activities and/or projects
  6. Color, lighting texture: 10 Points
    And/or motion used appropriately.
  7. Arrangement: 10 Points Objects in exhibit should be well spaced and balanced. Size of objects should be large enough to recognize at a distance of ten feet.
  8. Workmanship: 10 Points Quality and neatness of exhibit.
  9. Lettering: 10 Points Should be easily readable.

Total Possible Points 100 Points
Club leaders, Leaders Associations and Parents may aslo submit exhibits.
Ribbons will be awarded:
1st - Blue; 2nd - Red; 3rd - White; 4th - yellow.
All others will receive a green participation ribbon.
The Piscataquis County 4-H Leaders Association is sponsoring fun filled afternoons for all youth. the events begin 3:00 pm at the 4-H exhibit Hall and end at 6:00 pm. We will have games such as water balloon toss, sack races, 3 legged races, going fishing and much more.

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