Piscataquis Valley Fair
Lawn & Garden Tractor Pull
Chris Arno 989-5925 & Shane Mailloux 564-8198
Thursday, August 24th p.m. - New Ring


  1. Drivers must be at least 8 years old but no older than 16 years.
  2. All tractors must be stock. No dealer will be allowed to enter a tractor.
  3. Draw bar not to exceed 12" in height and be rigid in all directions.
  4. Weight to include driver
  5. Each tractor will be checked for safety.
  6. Each tractor must have working brakes.
  7. In classes with less than 5 tractors, tractors may pull twice but with a different driver.
  8. Standard pulling rules will apply.
  9. All decisions of the Judges are FINAL.
  10. First Weigh In at 4:30 PM


Class 1 - 800 lbs. & under
Class 2 - 1050 lbs. & under
Class 3 - 1300 lbs. & under
Class 4 - 1500 lbs. & under

Premimums paid the same in all 4 classes:

1st - $20
2nd - $15
3rd - $10
4th - $5
Making a total of $50 per class and totaling $200 for the event.

800 LB Class 1st Wes Stinson
  2nd Tyler Weymouth
  3rd Garrett Nelson
  4th K.C. Scribner
1050 LB Class 1st Tyler Weymouth
  2nd Bobby Gelzinis
  3rd Garrett Nelson
  4th Ray Benson
1300 LB Class 1st Jasmane Benson
  2nd Kevin Call
  3rd Tyler Weymouth
  4th Garrett Nelson
1500 LB Class 1st Tyler Weymouth
  2nd Bobby Gelzinis
  3rd Jasmane Benson
  4th Ray Benson

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