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Youth Market Lamb Educational Exhibits
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One of the missions of an agricultural fair is the task of educating the general public to the contributions of the family farm in today's culture. Although today's culture does not revolve around the family farm, it still plays an important role in providing the quality that we have come to expect.

The Piscataquis Valley Fair is encouraging Youth Market Lamb exhibitors to participate in the lamb sampling Thursday from 5 to 7 pm to help raise public awareness of the other "white meat". We hope to educate the public on the texture and taste lamb. We are hoping this will encourage some to come to the Youth Market Lamb Auction and bid on a lamb. Youth Market lamb exhibitors are asked to donate a half hour to help with this project.

The Piscataquis Valley Fair is also encouraging Youth Market lamb exhibitors to participate in an Educational Exhibit to help raise public awareness of the contributions farmers make in our modern culture. We want those who will view your display to become aware of the sacrifices and rewards that are part of our way of life that we don't want to lose.


  1. Entries are open to girls and boys in the State of Maine who are enrolled in an approved Youth Market Lamb Project at Piscataquis Valley Fair. Participants must have reached their 7th birthday and not passed their 19th birthday, as of midnight December 31, 2001.
  2. Each exhibitor is allowed one exhibit. The educational exhibit can include charts, graphs, photos, videos, static displays, models, demonstrations, public participation, etc. The sky's the limit! Use your imagination. Remember, your audience knows very little about sheep. You're the expert. Please include your name on your exhibit.
  3. The exhibits should try to teach the public about lamb. Any facts, no matter how small they may seem to you will help educate the public. Charts or graphs can show weight gain or meat production or the amount of water and feed consumed in a year.
  4. Youth market lamb educational exhibits must be on the fair grounds at the Market LAmb Superintendent's office by 3:00 pm, Thursday, August 22, 2002.
  5. The exhibits will be judged Thursday at 4 pm. The judges will be looking at the factual content of the displays, the availability of knowledgeable participants to answer questions, and the visual appeal of the display. The decision of the judges will be final. Judges are not obligated to award a premium if an entry is not of sufficient quality and substance. Exhibits will be judged using the Danish system.
  6. All displays and demonstrations will be located in the Central Maine Sheep Breeder Association building. To be eligible for a premium, exhibits must be displayed from 3 pm, Thursday, August 22nd, through 6 pm, Saturday, August 24, 2002.
  7. Failure to comply with any rule will be just cause for disqualification and/or forfeiture of all premiums.
  8. Piscataquis Valley Fair Association reserves the right to amend and/or add to these rules and regulations.

Market Lamb Educational Exhibit Premiums
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
$14 $12 $10 Ribbon

Thursday evening Educational Exhibit:
Ashlie Hardy = Blue Ribbon
Amanda Crocker = Blue Ribbon
Megan Crocker = Blue Ribbon
The educational exhibit is an opportunity for the children to earn premiums by educating the public on the many facets of sheep farming. The exhibits are judged for the theme, title, lettering, color, motion, lights, originality, arrangement, size of articles on display, and information portrayed to the public. These exhibits were displayed in the Central Maine Sheep Breeders Building next to the sheep show ring.

"The Taste of Maine" Maybe you think you know what lamb tastes like…Thursday evening Ivanhoe Farms sponsored a lamb meat tasting. In spite of the rain we had a good turn out! Several people commented that they thought it was a good idea. Some had never tried lamb before and were surprised that they liked it. You'll have to come by the sheep booth next to the sheep show ring next year for a free sample. See you there!

All Live Stock trailers must be parked in the back parking lot.

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