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4-H Hall Exhibits Rules & Regulations
Entries are open to boys and girls (5 years old as of January 1 but not over 19) in Piscataquis, Somerset, and Penobscot Counties who are carrying on approved 4-H projects. There are a few changes to the exhibit rules this year. They are highlighted in bold-Please read them carefully. 1. Entries shall be from current 4-H projects. Exhibits will be judged by the Danish System and will be placed in three groups, BLUE-1st, RED-2nd, and WHITE-3rd. Each qualifying exhibit will be awarded a ribbon and premium. Purple ribbons will be awarded to outstanding exhibits. Premiums are: Blue $3.00, Red $2.00, White $1.00, Purple $10.00.

2. Each exhibit must be plainly marked with a 4-H exhibit tag, available from the Piscataquis County Extension Office. Any special circumstances that should be taken into account by the judges should be noted on the back of the exhibit tag. NOTE: You need to put the words Refer to Back of Tag across the bottom of the exhibit tag. If you do not, the judge will have no idea that there are any special circumstances.

3. 4-H youth ages 5-8 are required to submit either a beginner projest record sheet or the Life Skills card with their exhibits. Youth ages 9-19 must submit a Maine project record sheet with their exhibits. The Piscataquis Valley Fair will also accept the computerized project record forms for county use for the 4-H year October 1, 2002 to September 20, 2003. If the 4-H record sheet shows insufficient project work, the exhibit will receive a green participation ribbon and no premium (money). The 4-H record sheets will not be placed on the exhibit during the fair. The 4-H record sheets are only used by the judges to determine ribbon placement. If a judge wishes to make a comment about your exhibit or 4-H record sheet, he or she will write it on a post a note, not on the actual project record sheet.

4. Club leaders are required to submit an "Official registration Form for Piscataquis County Fair" with their club members exhibits.

5. A maximum of three exhibits per project will be allowed. For example, a 4-H'er may exhibit corn, peas and potatoes in the garden catagory, but not three corn entries. Each exhibit will be judged on the basis of individual merit. No project records will be accepted as an exhibit.

6. All 4-H hall exhibits must be delivered to the 4-H Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, August 19th between 4 pm and 6 pm or on Wednesday, August 20 9 am to 10 am.

7. All 4-H Hall Exhibits must be removed from the 4-H Exhibit Hall Sunday, August 24th between the hours of 4 PM and 6 PM.

8. Should any exhibit be of inferior quality or form, in the opinion of the judges, unworthy of the premium offered, it will be eliminated from the judging.

9. The Piscataquis Valley Fair will afford the best possible care and protection of all exhibits. However, it distinctly disclaims any liability for loss or damage of exhibits or personal property of exhibitors.

10. No "KITS" accepted. Definition of a kit: the prefabrication, assembly or collection of component parts, which materially diminishes the exercise of the skills, which the project is designed to teach.

11. Scrapbooks (this includes any project area that specifically asks for a hard cover) and written reports MUST have HARD COVERS such as a three ring notebook with a hard cover. Use your imagination and be creative when it comes to designing a front cover, creating a table of contents, including photos of your project, writing captions for your work, etc. The more work you put into your project, the better it is for you as a recipient of a ribbon and the better for the judge who is trying to learn something about you through your exhibit. Soft cover (paper) will not be accepted. Using a hard covered notebook protects your exhibit from wear and tear. Fairgoers love to look over the 4-H exhibits, and your project may be handled many times. Youth are encouraged to enter their 4-H activity workbook(s) in a hard cover notebook with their exhibit or as an exhibit.

12. The management reserves the right to grant variances to the above regulations where extenuating circumstances warrant. "What is the Danish System"? The Danish system is a system of evaluation where a product or process is evaluated against a set of standards and recognition is awarded on the degree to shich the standard has been met by each competitor. In Danish System judging, the exhibitors are not judged against each other. In a "true" Danish System, the standard of exvellence is the same for everyone regardless of age or experience. In 4-H, a "modified" Danish System is used which uses standards adjusted according to age and/or years of experience. In Maine 4-H, ribbons traditionally awarded by the Danish System are Blue for excellence, exceeding the standards; Red for good work which meets the expected standsrd; and White for work which falls below the expected. The Danish System is used in 4-H because it is a way to provide recognition to greater numbers of youth who may all be making significant progress in their projects. Use of this system is especially recommended for all members 5-8 years old for whom more stringent competition is more difficult to understand or or accept.


1. Premiums plus ribbons will be awarded:

1st - $35
2nd - $20
3rd - $15
All Others $10.

2. Any 4-H Club is eligible to enter a club exhibit. Exhibits must be prepared by the members. You must let the Extension Office know of your intent to exhibit by Thursday, August 15, 2003, because space is limited. Club Exhibits must be set up by 10 AM on Wednesday, August 20, 2003.

3. Exhibits need to be from four to five feet across the front and three feet deep. Each club must have a neatly printed 8 1/2 X 11" sign with the club name, town and county on it. Do not attach attach your sign to the exhibit. (Needs to be bold print.) This sign will be placed on the exhibit after judging.

4. Club exhibits will be judged on the following:

  1. Exhibits Theme: 10 Points
  2. Exhibit Title 10 Points: Title should be expressed with as few words as possible using an action verb. It should be clearly visible in LARGE LETTERS at least 4 inches tall.
  3. Attracts: 10 Points Encourage people to stop and study the exhibit.
  4. Originality: 10 Points
  5. Explanation of 4-H: 20 Points
    To the public through activities and/or projects
  6. Color, lighting texture: 10 Points
    And/or motion used appropriately.
  7. Arrangement: 10 Points Objects in exhibit should be well spaced and balanced. Size of objects should be large enough to recognize at a distance of ten feet.
  8. Workmanship: 10 Points Quality and neatness of exhibit.
  9. Lettering: 10 Points Should be easily readable.
2003 4-H Exhibit Hall Winners
Musketeers Linda Whitten Milo
Wild Mustangs Marie Stupakewicz Guilford
Creativity Today Bonnilee MacDonald Sangerville
Independent Member June Williams Guilford
Piscataquis Family 4-H Club Ron & Brenda Oldfield Atkinson

JUNIOR 4-H Educational Lamb Exhibit
1ST PLACE: Colleen Schofield Age 8
1ST PLACE: Ashley Hardy Age 8

The 4-H Food Booth, located on the same side of the fair grounds as the bingo building, offers the fair-goer burgers, hot dogs, french fries and drinks prepared by 4-H'ers, their parents and staff members. Proceeds are used to support 4-H projects, activities and events for both 4-H members and non-members.
Club leaders, Leaders Associations and Parents may aslo submit exhibits to educate the public about the work and goals of 4-H.
Ribbons will be awarded:
1st - Blue; 2nd - Red; 3rd - White; 4th - yellow.
All others will receive a green participation ribbon.
The Piscataquis County 4-H Leaders Association is sponsoring fun filled afternoons for all youth. We will have games such as water balloon toss, sack races, 3 legged races, going fishing and much more. Posters will be placed in the 4-H Exhibit Hall and 4-H Food Booth announcing day and time of the 4-H day games.
Only members regularly enrolled in 4-H and Vocational Agriculture in Maine, who are between 8 and 19 years old and who have completed all required project work to date are eligible to exhibit in the Junior Fair Classes. Exhibitors must contact the Piscataquis County Cooperative Extension for complete class lists and rules. Premiums and ribbons are: 1st Blue $3.00; 2nd Red $2.00; 3rd White $1.00; Outstanding Purple $10.00.

JUNIOR AND OPEN RABBIT AND POULTRY SHOW: Superintendent Brenda Oldfield (564-8952); Assistant Superintendent Jim Ellis, Ron Oldfield. Entry deadline is August 15, 2003 at Extension Office. RABBIT check in at Fair Aug. 23 12-2 p.m. Judging at 3 p.m. Rabbit breeds to be judged: Large, Small, Small Wool, crosses and pets. POULTRY check in Aug. 1 5-8 p.m., judging Aug. 22 9 a.m. Poultry Breeds include American, Asiatic, English, Mediterranean, Continental, Other Standard Bantams, egg and mead production, pigeons etc.

There will also be Poster Contests in both Rabbit and Poultry Events.

1ST PLACE: Chelsie Oldfield Rabbits Age 10
2nd PLACE: Chelsie Oldfield Poultry Age 10
3rd PLACE: Courtney Taylor Swine Age 6

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