Piscataquis Valley Fair

Demolition Derby
Contact: Mike Curtis 564-7288

Sunday, August 24th, 2 PM

Anyone interested in entering the Derby is advised to get their cars built and ready. More information with rules and regulations for the Derby may be obtained by calling Mike Curtis at 564-7288.

The competition is open to anyone interested in joining the fun. There is a $15.00 entry fee. (All contestants MUST pay gate fee as part of the entry fee.)

Regular Demo Trophies & 1st Prize - 1st $400; 2nd $250; 3rd $150 Trophies for: "Most Aggressive Driver"

Small Car Demo Trophies and 1st Prize - 1st $300; 2nd $185; 3rd $110 Trophies for: "Most Agressive Driver"

"Powder Puff" is sponsored by EVERGREEN AUTO SALVAGE (1st-$100, 2nd-$75, 3rd-$50)

There will be a trophy for overall "Auto With Best Appearance" to be awarded before the derby starts. All entries will be considered.

BIG CARS Lewis Reed 1st
  Charlie Giles 2nd
  Bill Burtchell 3rd
SMALL CARS Chris Raye 1st
  Larry Laney 2nd
  William Elliot 3rd
POWDER PUFF Crystal Shorey 1st
  Lois Laney 2nd
  Melanie Bragg 3rd

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