Piscataquis Valley Fair

Animal Land
To show 4-H animals call Ron & Brenda Oldfield 564-8952 or Jim Ellis 564-3949

Animal Land is open to any 4-H, FFA or Youth Livestock owner to display their animal projects. All owners are responsible for the care and feeding of their livestock.

All animals must be free of disease and in good health.

Proof good health can be a veterinarian record sheet of health certificate.

Feathered animal Friday 3 - 7 PM, Saturday 12 - 7 PM and Sunday 12 - 4 PM

Reminder to all visitors of Animal Land, the animals are not in their usual homes so they can bite. Please keep young children safe. Final check i for all animals to be displayed this year will be Thursday morning at 10 AM. Ribbons and premiums are awarded according to the Danish system to all 4-H and FFA participants in Animal Land. All other participants will receive participation ribbons.

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