Piscataquis Valley Fair

Open Flower Show
Contact: Pat Johnson (207) 876-3204 In 4-H HALL
Open Flower Open Flower Open Flower Open Flower Open Flower Open Flower
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  • Flowering Plants
  • Foliage Plants
Specimens: (cut flowers, 1 stem per container - limit 10 per person - containers provided)

This year children 4-12 will be in a separate section.
All entries must be in Wednesday evening, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Judging will be on Thursday, Sunday pick up time is 6:00 p.m.

Blue - $8.00
Red - $5.00
White - $3.00

Name Catagory Awards
Cindy Storer Assorted 2nd x 2
Sherry French Plant 2nd
Elaine Law Assorted 1st x 9; 2nd; 3rd
Julie Willcott Assorted 1st; 2nd; 3rd
Wayne Stuart Assorted 1st; 2nd x 2
Karen Morgan Roses 2nd x 3; 3rd
Robert Keniston Bouquet 1st
Roma Whitney Assorted 1st x 9; 3rd x 4
Blanch Peterson Assorted 1st x 6; 2nd x 6; 3rd
Laura Lee Assorted 1st; 3rd x 3
Jeanette Hughes Assorted 1st x 2
Kay Ames Assorted 1st; 3rd x 2
Shelly Bennett Assorted 1st x 2; 3rd x 2
Cindy Cooley Speciman 2nd
Dianna Davis Plant 2nd
Jeff Merrill Assorted 1st x 4; 2nd x 2
Donna Dewitt Assorted 1st; 3rd
Carlene Heff Speciman 3rd

Name Catagory Awards
Alaina Spizuoco Bouquet 1st
Maggie Abbott Assorted 1st; 2nd x 6; 3rd
Ethan Abbott Assorted 1st x 3; 2nd
Keira Barnes Assorted 1st; 2nd x 2
Amanda Crocker Plant 3rd
Mason Bell Speciman 1st x 3
Macy Carey Assorted 1st; 2nd
Mitchell Carey Assorted 1st x 2
Ashlynn Curry Bouquet 1st
Katrina Corbin Assorted 1st x 2
Paige Northup Assorted 1st x 2; 2nd
Adam Bagley Speciman 2nd
Emily Northup Assorted 2nd x 2; 3rd
Eben Cooley Bouquet 1st
Ethan Cooley Bouquet 2nd
Delani Jo Bennett Assorted 1st x 3; 2nd; 3rd

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