Piscataquis Valley Fair

Pig Scramble brings SQUEALS of delight
Sunday, August 29th - 1 PM at the Pulling Ring
Call Donnie Merrill 943-2650 for more information
This is an exciting event and the pigs are sponsored by the Fair Association along with the collection taken at last year's event.
    The Rules for the event are as follows:
  1. Participants must be between the ages of 6 and 12.
  2. Parental permission slips need to be filled out and signed between 10:00 AM and 12 Noon on the day of the scramble.
  3. Registration blanks may be picked up at the Fair office.
  4. Names will be drawn on the day of the scramble to determine who will be participating.

    The 3 age groups will be:

    6-8 years
    9-10 years
    11-12 years
  5. You must provide your own burlap bag, so come prepared.

    Pig Scramble Participants
    Ages 6 - 8
    Caleb Edgerly Dover-Foxcroft
    Tanner Russell Pittsfield
    Rebekah Ames Brownville
    Lexi Jenkins Bradford
    Chris Johnson Atkinson
    Brooklyn McKay Hudson
    Adam Cahill Bradford
    Billie-Jo Hurd  
    Ages 9 - 10
    Kayla Casavant Corinth
    Brandon Bishop Kenduskeag
    Catherine Williams Guilford
    Donnie Boyer Dover-Foxcroft
    Donny Gourley Guilford
    Joshua Kimbrell Corinth
    Remington Poulin Dover-Foxcroft
    Mikey Clark Palermo
    Kevin Ricker Milo
    Sarah Davis Sangerville
    Ages 11 - 12
    Monica Gallant Lavant
    Amanda Stockley Guilford
    Kevin Priestley Parkman
    Dylan Sadlowski Dover-Foxcroft
    Cody Thayer Kenduskeag
    Derek Amoroso Newport
    Joey McArthur Dover-Foxcroft
    Seth Oldfield Dover-Foxcroft
    Cody Jackson Sangerville
    Julie Jones Medway
    Mathew Cole Parkman

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