Piscataquis Valley Fair

Doodlebug Draw
Sunday, August 24th at 9 AM at the pulling track.
For more information and rules contact Dick Collins 285-3626.
Information and Rules will also be Posted Day of Event.

Dick Collins

Doodle Bug Pulls
1st Class: 3000 lbs. 1st Place: Dick Collins 1937 GMC "The Exile" Pulled 4700 lbs, 10 ft for a full pull
1st Class: 3000 lbs. 2nd Place: Lloyd Holland 1934 Chevy "Poor Man's Farmall" Pulled 4700 lbs, 1 ft
2nd Class: 3500 lbs. 1st Place: Tom Clark 1928 Chevy "Intimidator" Pulled 7400 lbs, 4' 9"
1st Class: 3000 lbs. 2nd Place: T.W. Clark 1932 Model A Ford "Outlaw" Pulled 4700 lbs, 13"
1st Class: 3000 lbs. 3rd Place: Lloyd Holland 1928 Chevy "Tobacco Valley" Pulled 4700 lbs, 6"
3rd Class: 4000 lbs. Unlimited 1st Place: Lloyd Holland 1949 Ford "Fix or Repair Daily" Pulled 8300 lbs, 5' 3"
1st Class: 3000 lbs. 2nd Place: Randy Chapman 1940 K5 International 5 Cylinder Deutz diesel "#1 Unprepared" Pulled 8300 lbs, 4' 1"
1st Class: 3000 lbs. 3rd Place: Rob Clark 1963 Ford "Rolling Thunder" Pulled 8300 lbs, 2'

Click here for Doodle Bug Photos


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