Piscataquis Valley Fair

Food & Produce
Contact: Michele Hodges 285-1032
Dining Hall

Food and Produce Participants
Pat Johnson of Parkman with 30 entries Emily Crocker of Charleston with 18 entries
Amanda Crocker of Charleston with 17 entries Cindy Crocker of Charleston with 21 entries
Megan Crocker of Charleston with 19 entries Thurman Charles of Corinna with 17 entries
Pati Harris of Sangerville with 9 entries Karen Otis of Atkinson with 8 entries
Friends of MVYDC of Charleston with 18 entries Diane Smith of Milo with 22 entries
Margaret Poulin of Dover-Foxcroft with 9 entries Rita Crocker of Dover-Foxcroft with 12 entries
Rita Corbin of Dover-Foxcroft with 12 entries Margaret Pauline of Dover-Foxcroft with 3 entries
Josiah Corbin of Dover-Foxcroft with 6 entries Cheryl Charles of Corinna with 17 entries
Albert Tate of Corinth with 2 entries Raelene Keniston of Dover-Foxcroft with 2 entries
Moira McGarry of Abbot with 2 entries Joel McLaughlin of Corinth with 20 entries
Richard Panciera of Guilford with 9 entries Hilda Roberts of Dover-Foxcroft with 3 entries
Elizabeth McLaughlin of Corinth with 25 entries Denise Tirrell of Dover-Foxcroft with 1 entry
Julie Willcott of Exeter with 19 entries John Blackstone of Greenville Jct. with 2 entries
Diane Surette of Dover-Foxcroft with 4 entries Denise Tirrell of Dover-Foxcroft with 14 entries
Paul & Melissa Preble and Lauren Parsons with 12 entries Guy Downing of Dover-Foxcroft with 1 entry

Food and Produce Participants - Youth
Lydia Marshall, age 9 of Dover-Foxcroft with 2 entries Jordan Marshall, age 11 of Dover-Foxcroft with 6 entries
Billy Jo Hurd, age 13 of Corinth with 5 entries Danielle Hurd of Corinth with 8 entries
Jacob Hall of Bradford with 2 entries Rebecca Guzzetta of Abbot with 2 entries

1st Moira Mcgarry Blueberry Pie w/Lemon Crust
2nd Richard N. LaBree 4 Berry Pie
3rd Heartland Farm & Dairy Wild Blackberry Pie
Judges Choice Shanne Desjardins Mixed Berry Pie
Participant Jewel Lamb Alaskan Blueberry
Participant Jade Lamb Alaskan Blueberry
Includes fresh produce, canned goods, and specified baked goods.


  1. All entries must be homemade or homegrown by the person offering them for exhibit.
  2. Please, one entry per item. Limit 25 items per exhibitor, with no more than 10 being herbs. Only one entry may be submitted in the cake category and the pie competition.
  3. Exhibit and judging cards to be made out for each item and listed on registration form. If you have more than 10 items, please have this done before coming to the fairgrounds or come early enough to fill them out. Items will NOT be accepted after 7 pm. Cards and registration forms can be obtained from the Piscataquis Extension Office at the Courthouse complex in Dover or contact the above number.
  4. All produce & baked goods entries will be accepted on the dates and times listed in the schedule summary below. Judging will be according to schedule below. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ITEMS IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PICK THEM UP ON SUNDAY BY 6:00 p.m. Any items left after 6 p.m. will be discarded.
  5. All judges decision are final.
  6. Cars will not be permitted on the fairgrounds on Sunday.

Wednesday 4 pm - 8 pm Bring entries for foods, produce & muffins to Exhibition Hall #1
Thursday 10 am
Judging for food & produce
Fair Opens
Saturday 10 am-Noon Cookie Decorating at dining hall
Sunday 8 am - 10 am
10:30 am
5-6 pm
5-6 pm
Bring Berry Pies to Exhibit Hall #1
Pie judging
Pick up prize money Exhibit Hall #1
Pick up items

Beans, Snap & Pole(10), Onions (3)-braided tops for hanging, Beans-Dry & Shell (1cup), Parsnips (3), Beets (1), Peas (10 pods), Broccoli (1), Peppers (3), Brussell Sprouts (10), Potatoes (3), Cabbage (1), Pumpkin (1), Carrots (3), Radishes (6), Cauliflower (1), Squash-summer & winter (1), Corn-sweet, Cucumbers (3), Eggplant (1), Tomatoes (3), Cherry Tomatoes (1pt), Gourds (3), Greens (bunch), Turnips (1), Lettuce (1head), Zucchini, Other

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you don't have the required amount of vegetables then a lesser prize will given.

Applies (3), Blackberries (1pint), Blueberries (1pint), Cherries (1pint), Grapes (1 bunch), Melons (1), Pears (3), Raspberries (1pint), Strawberries (1pint), Other. Cover pints of berries with clear plastic wrap to prevent fruit flies.

Adults and Youth (16 and under)
Categories C1 C4: 1st $6.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $2.00 plus Ribbons.
Must be canned by exhibitor within 1 year. Jars must be labeled on side with product name, dated processed, processing method and processing time. Minimum of two (2) varieties in each category.

All canned goods must be in sealed, colorless glass jars. One jar makes an entry. Use USDA guidelines when canning. Information available at Extension Office. If your jams or jellies are lite or sugarless, please note on label. All jams should be clearly labeled with name of produce only. No tasting. Canned goods are not judged for decorative value, they are judged on visual appeal of the produce. Please bring recipe for all canned goods, with your name on the recipe card.

CLASS I Fruits
CLASS II Vegetables
CLASS III Pickled Foods
CLASS IV Soft Spreads (Jams & Jellies)

Saturday, August 29th, 10 AM to NOON
Kids Cookie Decorating. Cookies and decorating supplies provided by Piscataquis Valley Fair Association.

There were 39 participants in the cookie decorating contest!

Junior and Adult Divisions 1st $6, 2nd $4, 3rd $2
Enter THREE (3) Muffins on a disposable plate. Must be accompanied by the recipe printed on a 4 x 6 inch card. Will be judged on appearance, texture, and taste. Entries will not be returned.

Submit pies on Sunday between 8 am and 10 am. Exhibition Hall #1 Judging at 10:30 am Premiums: (3 prizes) $15, $10, $5 plus ribbons. Open to all pie bakers. Bring the recipe printed on a 4 x 6 card. Please submit ONE PIE ONLY for judging. Bake the pie the day before. Warm pies cannot be judged properly. Judged on ease of preparation, texture, flavor, and overall appearance. Use a disposable pan. Judge's Choice: $25


Disclaimer: The Piscataquis Valley Fair (PVF) will provide care and protection of all exhibits.
However, PVF distinctly disclaims any liability for loss or damage to exhibits or personal property of exhibits.


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