Piscataquis Valley Fair
Piscataquis Valley Fair Association 2010 Officers
PRESIDENT Rusty Weymouth 285-3192
VICE PRESIDENT Steve Saunders 564-3998
SECRETARY Deanne Merrill 943-2650
TREASURER Elaine Saunders 564-3998
DIRECTORS: Kim Mailloux, Gary Ricker, Terry Ogden, Stewart Hopkins, Dan Bishop, Joe Guyotte, Scott Taylor, Gary Sudsbury, Tonya Patten
PAST PRESIDENT: Donnie Merrill

view of Main Office
77 Fairview Avenue, P O Box 197, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

The Fair thanks all the exhibitors, sheriff's department, fire department, Mayo Regional Hospital, Central Maine Power, Ticket takers, Town's people, Community Fitness, and anyone else who helps to make our Fair successful. Without YOU there would be no fair.

All Exhibitors will pay gate fee. See Supt. for reimbursement.

The gates will open each day of the fair at 6:00 A.M.
Midway opens Thursday & Friday at 2pm, Saturday & Sunday at 11am.
General admission $6 per person, per day
Children 5 to 10 yrs of age are $2 per person, per day
Children under 5 are FREE
Senior Citizens Day Friday, August 27. Anyone 65 years of age or older will be admitted for half price. Proof of age is required.

Every day is a Wrist Band day. Purchase Wrist Band on the midway.

ONLY SERVICE ANIMALS ALLOWED ON THE FAIRGROUNDS! Show animals allowed in specified areas. Campers must keep pets in the campgrounds. OTHERWISE, NO PETS ALLOWED.

All Horse and Live Stock trailers must be parked in back parking lot

first aid
A First Aid station sponsored by the Mayo Regional Hospital will be open on the Fairgrounds during the Fair hours.


Contact Gary Sudsbury at (207) 564-2931 or cell: (207) 343-4389 or EMAIL Or Betty Jo Cuthbertson at (207) 717-3196
All campers must enter through Gate 2; Campsites are on a first come first serve basis. $20.00 per night, which includes 19 amp electrical hookup and water. Payment made when you enter the fairgrounds along with your daily entrance fees for all in your party through Sunday. If you choose to leave early a refund will be given at the time that you leave. Campers will be billed for every night that they are on the grounds. Whether they are hooked up or not, it is not the responsibility of the campground officials to ask other campers to move so that you can get out, pick your site wisely. Livestock and fair association members should contact the superintendent of their area before arrival on the grounds to get their camping pass.
camping camping

Rob Ricker - 943-7454
Grounds rental shall be $16.00 per front foot, minimum of 10'. Inside space is $100 single, $180 double space. Payment is due before setup.

Fair Officials wish to remind everyone that the Fairgrounds Dining Hall is available for rental during the year. For information, Rates and available dates please call Deanne Merrill 943-2650.

The Directors of the Piscataquis Valley Fair Association reserve the right to withhold payment of any and all premiums until after the completion of the Fair, at which time premiums will be mailed to recipients. The right is also reserved to reduce premiums in the event of inclement weather and/or unforeseen circumstances that greatly impact the income received during the four day of the Fair.

Disclaimer: The Piscataquis Valley Fair disclaims any liability for loss or damage to exhibits or personal property of exhibitors.

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