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He-Man Contest
Thursday, August 26th at 8:15 PM
Contact: Dan Bishop Tel. 564-7700 In the Horse Pulling Ring

'Green' trophies at He-Man/She-Woman Contest
Wednesday, September 01, 2010
Written by Grace Lommel - DOVER-FOXCROFT What does it take to be a he-man or a she-woman? Eighteen men and four women found out in the He-Man contest Thursday night, Aug. 26 at the Piscataquis Valley Fair in Dover-Foxcroft.

Billed as the "Ultimate Endurance Test," contestants ran with wheel weights, dragged an iron pony-pull sled and rolled a tractor tire on the horse pulling track in the timed event.

Competitions sprang up between Foxcroft Academy football, soccer and wrestling teams as well as between husbands and wives. While none of the women had ever competed before, many of the men were returning contenders.

The women were competing "to see if we can" while the men were competing, well, "Why not?" replied Don of Atkinson who wouldn't give his last name. Don was returning a fourth time to compete, having won three trophies in the past.

The women's competition was tight. Lisa Lenlill of Voorheesville, NY won with 1:11, Christine MacIntire had 1:13 and Rebecca Amos had 1:16.

In the men's competition, the wheel weights were increased from 22 to 66-pounds but that didn't seem to slow them down much. Ryan Taylor won in 27 seconds flat. Second place winner was Sean O'Donnell, Parkman, with 29.3 seconds, who competed last year. Third place went to James Smith, Albany NY and Sebec, with 30.7 seconds. This was Smith's first competition and he stated that the hardest part was "the anticipation, the waiting and the dry mouth."

For first-timer Henry Metivier, 68, Newport, the hardest part was the iron pony-pull drag. "It just threw me. But I'll be practicing for next year." Metivier won for the oldest entry and had a respectable 56.7 seconds. Contest organizer Dan Bishop awarded him the Judges Choice ribbon.

The contestants won trophies, but not he-man trophies. Instead, contestants picked their choice of used Piscataquis Fair trophies: 1st place Tuff Truck, 2nd and 3rd place Semi Tractor Pull, 2nd place Demolition Derby, 3rd place Pedal Tractor Pull 30 40 pounds, and even a frog jumping trophy for shortest jump. There were also recycled rosette ribbons for sheep entries and a Judges Choice.

"It's not about the trophies," said Bishop. "Most of us have too many of them, anyway. It's about the competition."
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