Piscataquis Valley Fair

Lawn & Garden Tractor Pull
Saturday, August 23rd at 9:00 AM at Mechanical Pulling Ring
Contact: Rusty Weymouth 694-0192


NO RIDING ON FAIRGROUNDS. It is not necessary to belong to a club to participate in events.


  • Strictly Stock (ages 6-17) - 700 lbs., 900 lbs.
  • Stock (ages 6-17) - 800 lbs., 1050 lbs., 1300lbs.
  • Improved Stock (ages 8-17) - 1100 lbs., 1300 lbs.
PAY BACK - ALL CLASSES: 1st $25, 2nd $20, 3rd $15, 4th $10, 5th $5

Garden Tractor Rules and Regulations:

  1. Drivers must be at least 6 yrs. of age but no older than 17 yrs. for the strictly stock, and stock classes.
  2. Drivers must be at least 8 yrs. of age but no older than 17 yrs. for the Improved stock classes.
  3. Draw bar not to exceed 12 in height and be rigid in all directions. With the exception of strictly stock class with 8 wheels are limited to 8 height without wheelie bars.
  4. Weight to include driver and helmet.
  5. Each tractor will be checked for safety.
  6. Each tractor must have working brakes.
  7. Strictly stock and stock tractors are limited to 4000 RPMs
  8. Improved Stock are limited to 5000 RPMs
  9. All tractors must appear stock, No dealer will be allowed to enter a tractor.
  10. Strictly Stock must have turf tires and stock carburation.
  11. Stock may run Ag tires but must not be cut.
  12. Improved may run cut tires
  13. All drivers must wear helmets.
  14. All tractors must have wheelie bars, except strictly stock but are strongly recommended.
  15. No part of the tractor may interfere with the drag.
  16. Any tractor that loses a weight when hooked to the drag will be disqualified.
  17. Any part of the tractor or drag that goes out of bounds will be disqualified. With the exception of the strictly stock which will be measured at the point they go out of bounds.
  18. Vertical Shaft Over-Head Valve tractors must run in the Improved Stock Class.
  19. All decisions of the judge are FINAL.

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