Piscataquis Valley Fair

Street Truck Pulls
Saturday, August 23rd at 6:00 PM at Mechanical Pulling Track
Dan Bishop 564-7700 or Billy Smart 564-7712
  • Trucks must enter through gate 3
  • Drivers meeting is at 5:00 pm. Anyone driving MUST attend.
  • Street trucks only
  • 20 inch hitch height
  • Zero tolerance for drinking in the pits, by crew and drivers.
  • No weights allowed in the cab of the truck
  • One passenger will be allowed in stock and pro stock classes, no passenger allowed in "go for broken"
  • You will be allowed to pull in one class and "go for broken" no class jumping
Stock class rules:
  • Air intake and exhaust mods are okay
  • Self supporting plug and play programmers are okay
  • Street legal tire size is okay
Pro stock rules:
  • Blocking, air bags, and ladder bars are okay
  • Headers are okay
  • Mild engine mods are okay
  • Hanging weights are okay
Go for Broken:
  • $50 to play, winner takes all
  • Nitrous is allowed, passengers are NOT
  • Anything goes!!

50/50 Raffle during the Truck Pulls. Must be present to win. All proceeds will be used for improvements to the mechanical area.

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